The Good Stuff of Being a Manager

You have worked hard for your company for so long and one day your employer told you that you deserve a promotion. You were suggested to become a supervisor or manager and you wonder whether a high position is for you. Here are some encouraging upsides of being a manager.

The money – Obviously, managers get paid higher than rank and file employees. There are companies, however, that pay workers based on their value to the organization rather than their title or position.

The power – Managers have more power than ordinary employees, even those who are deemed more valuable than the managers. A manager’s responsibility is to delegate tasks to his group members, but the most important task a manager can perform is to make sure his group performs successfully.

The status – In a society that values titles, being called a manager is worth something. Taking managerial work jazzes up your resume and generally impresses potential employers.

The sense of achievement – Being promoted as a manager sends a sense of validation and personal achievement. It brings proof that you are doing the right thing. Big-time CEOs began as managers themselves, so consider this promotion as a first step to get there.

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